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Eminence Investments Ltd is the right Cyprus property investment partner, offering a large profitable investment portfolio, thereby encouraging growth in Cyprus and delivering gains for investors. Eminence Investments Ltd is a member of many local and transnational organizations, proving its lawful right to develop projects, and is at the same time a member of national, international and transnational associations, with which our collaboration reflects the credibility and recognition of our brand name. 

Services We Provide

Passports and Citizenship by Investment

Purchase, Creation or Participation in Cypriot Businesses & Companies

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Real Estate Investment in Cyprus

Private Yacht Rentals

Car Rentals

Why Cyprus?

Cyprus has a very favourable tax regime for individuals and companies residing there. Over 80% of the country speaks English and there are excellent education facilities including several UK universities with campuses on the island. Cyprus has the lowest crime rate in Europe and is the 5th safest country in the world. There is a high standard of educational institutions and healthcare facilities. Cyprus is strategically located at the crosssroads of three continents, Europe, Asia and Africa. Cyprus is set to join the EU Schengen zone soon. Property acquired is freehold, there is a low property tax and there is reduced VAT on property of just 5% (subject to conditions).

Investing in Cyprus through Real Estate

At Eminence Investments Ltd, we enable non-Cypriot investors to explore investment opportunities through real estate in Cyprus. With a long-standing experience in the sector and through transparent and premium services, we expertly manage the process of applying for citizenship via the Cyprus Investment Programme. We have been active in investment citizenship in Cyprus for more than 5 years. Our team specialists will assist you throughout the process which entails a straight forward procedure, sound and professional advice and a rich investment real estate portfolio to ensure a return on investment and solid capital growth.

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The Company is led by a highly experienced management team of its two founders with profound knowledge of real estate and management.

Advantages of the Cyprus Investment Programme:

Access to European Union markets, education system, working and traveling with the EU including other social and tax advantages.

Visa-free travel to more than 150 countries worldwide, including all the European Union member-states, Canada and Australia amongst others.

The investment assets can be sold after 3 years and additional investment of €500,000 to be held as a primary residence, indefinitely.

Cyprus legislation permits dual citizenship.

A straight forward and time-efficient route, enabling applicants to have their application reviewed in 6 months from the day of submission.

No requirement to make a donation to the local government.

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